Adding Industrial Style to Your Home Decor

A huge trend in all things home decor over the last couple years has been adding industrial style elements in with the other styles already present. The good news is that is very simple to do! You do not need to fear that your new industrial piece will stick out like a sore thumb because it adds a cute touch of character blends in seamlessly. We found some pictures for you for extra inspiration!


The easiest and one of the prettiest ways to add an industrial feel is with an old sign. It is always fun to go treasure hunting for this kind of thing, or even making a old looking sign out of some pallet wood and paint.


Old gates, or even screen doors can make a very stunning wall feature! Even just a simple letter can add interest.


Or if you want to add some industrial flare on a small scale, you can start with a serving tray or other small piece, but still get that great style impact.


{The first four pictures all came from homes styled by Joanna Gains from HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Which is our newest favorite home renovating couple!}

Industrial stools are a personal favorite of mine! You can buy them new so they match if you need more than one, or go hunting for one to use as a desk chair like this one featured in Country Living Magazine.


And the good new is, we have a chair just like that in our store!

Industrial Factory Stool, Vintage Metal Chair

{you can see the Etsy listing here}

or come see it for yourself in our brick and mortar store!
So are you inspired to give it a try or add even more industrial goodness to your home?

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