Vintage Picking at a 1700s Homestead and Barn

This past summer we were privileged to find and do some “picking” at a historical homestead and barn in our area of Sussex County, New Jersey. It is known as the Connor-VanHorn Homestead and is an Early American structure constructed in the period of the American Revolution – Circa 1780. It is located at the foot of the Kittatinny Ridge (Blue Mt. Ridge) and borders on the Delaware National Recreational Park. Read more about the history below.

The most recent owners were collectors themselves and have a fast collection of all sorts of vintage items. Karla and I had a field day of picking through some of the unique items that was stacked, mile high, in this old barn.

Here are some of the vintage and primitive doors and machine shop chairs, that we bought and absolutely love! Not all of them are original to this homestead, but they were part of the pieces collected by the owner on his picking ventures.

Most of our pickings are available for sale at our shop in Newton NJ, but of course, we kept a bunch of items for ourselves. Hopefully we can make it back there shortly to see what else we can find.