DIY Succulent in a Teacup

Looking for an easy DIY gift for someone special or just to treat yourself? It does not get easier than this cute succulent teacup planter.

All you need is:
– a sweet teacup {or mug if you’d like}
– a succulent plant
– a few pebbles or small rocks

All you have to do is place some pebbles or small rocks at the bottom of the teacup so that the water can drain somewhere.

Then, just put your succulent in the teacup with some extra soil, if you need it.

If your succulent is too tall like mine was, all you have to do it break off the extra soil until it fits snugly in the teacup.

That’s all! Easy right? and oh so cute!

I’d like to thank my sweet mom for this cute idea!
Doesn’t this just make you want to go hunting for cute teacups?
Well we have some at our brick and mortar store! Here are some of the sweet tea cups we have right now.

We have two teacups with this pretty feminine detailing.

We have only have one in this pretty Oriental pattern, which is my personal favorite.

We have two cups with this unique orange, green, and yellow floral pattern.

Lastly, we have seven of these cute teacups – that’s enough to make a whole succulent garden!

They each range from $4 to $10 each. So not only is this project easy, its very inexpensive!

So who are you going to make a sweet little teacup planter for?