Furniture Paint Colors

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – the very first kind of furniture paint we started using on our furniture projects from early 2012. We have great respect for this paint line although we are not able to stock it at this time because of territory constraints.

Both Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and some of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint colors are heavily inspired by the gorgeous colors on buildings and houses all over Europe.

Some of MMS Milk Paint Colors

General Finishes Milk Paint {actually an Acrylic paint} has a lot of vibrant colors in their line. You can mix and create a whole lot of custom colors to your heart’s desire.

We love color and are not intimidated by using bold hues on furniture pieces. The sky is the limit as to what you can create with a piece.

Although whites and muted colors are more “popular” we invite you to be daring and let your creativity soar. There are no mistakes to make. There is nothing that a sander and more paint can’t correct. Let us know if we can guide you in any way.Furniture Painting Workshops - Amitha Verma Last but not least the lovely neutral colors in the Amitha Verma Chalk Style line. You simply can’t go wrong choosing one of these colors as they were designed to blend in and or compliment any interior color scheme.