Here we want to talk about the best paint for furniture. Yes, we might be a little biased, but after painting furniture for quite some time now, these are the products that we love to use. We get a lot of compliments on our painted furniture pieces, so we must be doing something right.

Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint is the old fashioned kind of paint, used for many centuries before chemical paint was introduced to the the world. Marion Parsons, or Miss Mustard Seed from the blog world, collaborated with Homestead House, the manufacturers, to brand and package it in a way that is appealing to creative diy’ers. She came up with the colors and named each one of them for meaningful items in her life.

This line of Milk Paint comes in many Vibrant Colors that can be mixed and matched to create lovely painted pieces of furniture and so much more. We have each color painted on a board in our shop so that you can see the true color first hand. Ask about our Color of the Month Specials.

            Vintage Hip Decor are Certified Retailers for Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and stock the full line of products in our shop and online.

The colors are:
Arabesque – a soft pink {European color collection}
Artissimo – navy/midnight blue.
Bergere – a smokey, blue gray color {European color collection}
Boxwood – rich, dark grassy green.
Curio – rich, walnut brown.
Dried Lavender – soft, smokey purple with gray undertones. (limited quantities)
Eulalie’s Sky – pale greenish-blue.
Farmhouse White – a beautiful white that covers well.
Flow Blue – rich blue.
French Enamel – vibrant, mid-tone blue.
Grainsack – sometimes it looks white, sometimes gray and sometimes more beige.
Ironstone – pure white.
Kitchen Scale – rich teal.
Layla’s Mint – a warm, soft minty green {European color collection}
Linen –  cream.
Lucketts Green – soft, spring green.
Marzipan – a warm neutral off-white with beige undertones {European color collection}
Mora – a neutral color with gray, blue and green undertones {European color collection}
Mustard Seed Yellow – warm, buttery yellow.
Outback Petticoat – a rich orange.
Shutter Gray – French blue/gray.
Schloss – a warm, rich grayish color with beige undertones {European color collection}
Tricycle – bold and bright red, but still has a warm, classic look to it.
Trophy – warm, rich gray with yellow undertones.
Typewriter – black.

We also stock the full line of finishing products such as Furniture Wax, Antiquing Wax, Bonding Agent, Hemp Oil and Wax Pucks. Gift Baskets and Gift Vouchers Available upon request. Workshops by appointment during our business hours.

Next in line of our favorite furniture paint is Amitha Verma Chalk Finish Paint. A luscious, thick chalk style furniture paint that covers exceptionally well and goes a long way. The color palette is very neutral and the creator of it, Amitha Verma, is an interior designer that says you can’t go wrong with picking any one of the colors in her line of paint. Easy to use and distress plus her waxes or enhancing glazes come in dark brown and gray colors that are stunning when combined with this color pallet.

Fully stocked in our shop and online shop Amitha Verma Chalk Finish Paint is a lovely thick, yogurt like, paint that covers well and comes in stunning neutral colors. Follow three easy steps with this paint line and achieve designer style looks on your old furniture, kitchen cabinets and home decor. Amitha is an interior designer from Texas and developed this paint line to help folks transform their interiors in no time.

Furniture Painting Workshops - Amitha Verma Furniture Painting Workshops - Amitha Verma Furniture Painting Workshops - Amitha Verma Furniture Painting Workshops - Amitha Verma

More of the best paint for furniture is General Finishes Milk Paint.  A very good paint choice for refinishing furniture and kitchen cabinets. It is versatile and easy to use and comes from the makers of the very popular, Java Gel Stain. Made in the USA.

It comes in many vibrant colors that are already mixed and ready to apply. It is not a true Milk Paint, but rather an durable, UV resistant, acrylic paint that can be used for many applications. Named milk paint, many years ago, because of the finish that resembles milk paint.

Not only does General Finishes manufacture a line of water based milk paint, but they are the makers of the very popular Java Gel Stain. Java is just one color in their line of gel stain. There are 11 other gorgeous gel stain colors including Antique Walnut and Brown Mahogany. A brilliant product to say the least. So easy and forgiving to work with. You can also use it as a “paint” over existing stain finishes.

Another furniture paint we often use and love is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It was the very first kind of furniture paint we used when we established our business in March of 2012.