Fall Color Pallet Re-imagined

A couple of weeks ago in our “Welcome Fall 2017” blog post, we briefly mentioned that decorating for Fall does not have to mean using the traditional autumn colors. Orange, yellow, and red are the typical go-to colors when putting together a tablescape or decorating the porch, but I am here to show you how to…read more

DIY Drop Cloth Table Runner

It is already October and the holiday season is fast approaching! Decorating for every season is a cozy way of celebrating or acknowledging each holiday throughout the year, but holiday decor isn’t always a high priority in terms of budget. That’s why I suggest this simple and affordable DIY table runner that can be used in…read more

Welcome Fall 2017

Excitement has been building, the days are cooler, the leaves are changing; fall is finally here! The smell of apples and cinnamon at the food markets makes us giddy about getting prepped for this season. How about you? There’s lots of fun decorating to do, and we can’t wait to get it all done. Let…read more

Gilding Wax – Enhance Hardware on Vintage Furniture

When we established our furniture painting business in 2012, my daughter Karla and I vouched to never paint over vintage hardware, the way we saw some people do. That led us to spend lots of time scrubbing and polishing the hardware in the traditional way with metal polish. Fast forward a couple of years to when…read more

A look at our Vintage Shop – a furniture boutique

Welcome to our furniture boutique. A small space (for now) where we are making our dreams come true. Our dreams of letting you discover beautiful pieces of furniture that we have rescued and refinished. Unique, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that come across our path in our search for furniture to renew. There is so much potential…read more

Antique Roll Top Desk – Kids Desk and Chair Set

How cute are these antique roll top desk sets? We often see them for sale at vintage and antique markets in our area. Its kinda rare to find them with their original chair still included. They are often made of solid oak wood and come in various sizes – from toddler size up to adult size.  The kids…read more

How to Refinish a Dining Room Table

It is easier than you might think to refinish a dining room table! Maybe I just think so, because we had the opportunity to practice on many table sets in the past. Since early 2012, we have been refinishing vintage furniture with specialty paint and painting techniques. I wish I had the before pictures of…read more

Got a Dining Room Buffet? Getting the Dining Room ready for Thanksgiving

It is fall again and we are getting excited about the upcoming holiday season. In less than two months it will be that wonderful time of the year when family and friends gathering around our Thanksgiving tables. Now is the time to think about getting that dining room ready for the occasion… We offer custom…read more

Vintage End Tables – A Quick Furniture Makeover

Here are the before and after pictures of two vintage end tables we refinished this week. They are versatile side tables that can be used as nightstands in a guestroom or elsewhere. Made of Mahogany wood, but a bit outdated with old fashioned leather tops. The finish on them were scratched and a little worn, so…read more

Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint Workshop 101

Do you have a piece of vintage furniture sitting in your basement or garage? Want to update it and add a little bit of “life” to it? Let us teach you how… We offer various different workshops, most of which are small, one on one classes that you can schedule during our normal business hours.…read more